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Clinically researched probiotics for the oral microbiome

Bio.Me Oral is a multi-strain live bacteria formula developed to be used as part of a daily oral health routine to support oral health and the oral microbiome.

Also containing Probioact Technology
PROBIOACT® stands for probiotic activity and is a technology developed by Winclove which focuses on the ingredients that surround the probiotic bacteria.

The PROBIOACT® Technology consists of product-specific protective and nutritional ingredients, which have been selected and extensively tested to:
• Keep the probiotics stable at room temperature, and retain high cell counts during shelf life with a water-soluble carrier matrix of starches and maltodextrin.
• Protect against osmotic shock during rehydration and consumption with minerals.
• Protect against stomach acid, bile and digestive enzymes in the GI-tract with vegetable proteins.
• Optimise the metabolic activity at the right time and place with an enzyme, prebiotic and vegetable protein nutrient resource.

Supported by clinical data
The strains in this formulation have been studied for their effects on pathogenic bacteria associated with the development of gingivitis, and the formation of plaque biofilms

Rebalances the Microbiome
Research has also shown that these cultures support the rebalancing of the delicate oral microbiome

Proven survivability
The bacteria are delivered in a matrix of starch and protein which ensure their survival


Mix 1g (0.5 tsp) twice daily into 50ml of water. Leave for 1 minute. Stir before swilling in your mouth for 20 seconds before swallowing. Do not exceed the recommended dose, unless advised by your healthcare professional.

Warning: when taking antibiotics, wait 2-3 hours before taking Bio.Me Oral.

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