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Leading institutions, the doctors and scientist at ION Biome bring to market unique dietary supplement and health products that address basic dietary and health issues affecting a large percentage of the U.S. population.

Made in the U.S.A., ION Gut is a plant-derived mineral supplement that creates a firewall against toxins entering the gut wall. ION Gut creates a biological environment for good gut bacteria to grow and flourish to improve good gut health 

Gut Health

ION Gut is a new generation, earth-derived supplement. It is not a probiotic. It is not a prebiotic. Rather, it is a carbon rich, alkaline liquid, with lignite derived trace organics and essential trace amino acids, that promotes an optimal environment in the gut. With 70% of the immune system located in the gut, this optimal gut environment leads to great gut health.

The hallmark of Restore is that it is based in science. Research has shown ION Gut to be non-toxic and to support the tight junction cells of the gut lining.


For example, we performed the "gold standard toxicology study on Restore gut supplement and showed that it is non-toxic on kidney cells even at high doses.

Gut Barrier

Additionally, ION Gut has been shown both in the laboratory and clinically to help support the functioning of the gut barrier and improve gut health. In experiments, toxins like herbicides and gluten have been shown to degrade the gut barrier. ION Gut has been shown to promote the strengthening of the tight junction gut barrier in small and large gut membrane cells for gut health.

Lignite Extract

One of the main elements in ION Gut is the lignite extract. Lignite comes from decomposed prehistoric matter. As plants decompose, they first form peat, which then turns into humate, then lignite, then leonardite and finally to coal. All of these are rich in carbon. One of the differences between all of these elements is the amount of time and pressure have been applied to them.

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Standard Usage: One teaspoon three times a day before or with meals for those over age 2, and 1/4 teaspoon three times a day typical usage for under two years old. Use can increase to 1 Tablespoon three times daily to support health goals, although 3 teaspoons per day is adequate for most individuals. At 3 teaspoons per day, an 8 oz bottle is a two-week supply, 16 oz a one-month supply, and 32 oz the best value as a two-month supply. Taking ION Gut before meals is preferred for maximum efficacy. Optimally 30 minutes before a meal because of ION Gut’s protective effects versus gluten and especially glyphosate, but you can take it immediately before, with a meal, or after a meal, or on an empty stomach, and still receive benefit. 

ION Gut is vegan, naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, latex-free, sulfite-free, preservative-free, non-GMO, and certified glyphosate residue free. It is produced in a facility free of allergens, including peanuts and tree nuts.

Handling and interactions: ION Gut does not need to be refrigerated, even after opening, although it can be refrigerated for long-term storage or for taste preference. Shelf life is minimum six years. ION Gut is quite stable — we recommend taking it alone or adding it to non-chlorinated water in most cases; fresh juices or whole foods can also be used to mix it with a dietary element, though in general for best efficacy we like it before food intake. It should be taken separately from iodine and ASEA. Please note — ION Gut supports healthy gut membranes. These returns expected drug absorption to normal levels and may improve bioavailability of your supplements and food nutrients. If you are on a medication that requires blood level testing to adjust the dose, such as blood thinners or seizure medications, you should discuss ION Gut with your doctor, who may want to get testing done within a week of taking ION Gut, as you would do with a diet change or adding other mineral supplements.


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