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Each 1 mL serving of Methyl Charge+™ contains 10mg of vitamin B2, 500mcg of methyl-B12, 75mg of trimethylglycine (TMG), 1mg of vitamin B6 and 850mcg DFE folate. A serving is 2 pumps. Each bottle contains 50 servings. 

Methyl Charge+™ represents a second-generation methylation formulation, focusing on the catalytic activity of methyltranferases, a large class of important enzymes that activate the transfer of methyl groups and thus modify DNA and gene expression. First-generation methylation supplements focused solely on raising 5-MTHF, the naturally-occurring, active form of folic acid, to counter methylation issues arising from variations in the MTHFR gene. Unfortunately, imbalanced supplementation with only pro-methylation compounds often resulted in short-term benefits which ultimately gave way to a “crash” that is now understood to be mitochondrial dysfunction in response to low NAD+ production.

While this new formulation can be a stand-alone supplement to safely increase methylation dynamics in undermethylators, it was originally developed to pair with our NAD+ Gold™ product to keep the wheels of the methylation and NAD+ cycles turning for optimum energy and health. 

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  • A second-generation methylation formula
  • Designed to be paired with NAD+ boosting formulas to promote balanced NAD+ and methylation cycles
  • Can be used as a standalone formula to boost methylation in undermethylators
  • Supports detoxification, DNA repair, mitochondrial function, and cellular regeneration

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