Proactive Healthcare for Pets and their Owners with PEMF

Proactive Healthcare for Pets and their Owners with PEMF

  • 15/05/2022

Back in 2016 a fellow researcher and health writer asked me what I knew about P.E.M.F. (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields). I had to admit that although I owned for 20 years an electro-magnet healing system I had no information on P.E.M.F. He handed me a book called P.E.M.F The Fifth Dimension of Health and what I read propelled me to make a phone call, get on a plane and fly to Switzerland. I arrived home with two systems, one Clinic based and one for home and travel use.

Whilst reading the book I shared the information with eight of my friends, their spouses and associates and after seeing what I brought home each one of them purchased a system. Six months later I sent them all an email. Would you share what changes have taken place with your health since you engaged with the system? Would you accept a cheque for what you paid and hand it back?

The responses left my head in a spin. Remember most of these people were dear friends who have known me most of my life and I took a calculated risk in introducing them to the science, but their response endorsed my hunch that this was something very special. None of them wanted to part with their purchase and here is what had changed with their health in 6 months. Relief from all types of pain, skin complaints reversed, eye disease reversed, varicose vein disappeared (my own), fibromyalgia pain dissolved, feelings of total wellness after being chronically ill, a new feeling of peace and sharpness of mind, a new found sleep pattern and much, much more. I have their testimonies here in my Office.

When my Wife told me that Nigel the Vet said my beloved 14 year old Birman Cat, Ellie probably had only six months to live because of Renal Kidney failure, I was grief stricken, I don’t do depression, but I sat in my office all afternoon in despair, unable to work, in the middle of a wake.

You see my Wife has bred, shown and judged Bichons for 35 years, over that time we have had Dogs die and we have deeply mourned, like everyone else, their loss. I never had a Cat in my life and when I wondered what it would be like and how the Dogs would get along with it, my Wife and Daughter answered my thoughts by presenting me on my birthday with the most adorable kitten. I almost didn’t get her as she was destined to be a Show Cat, but one of her white boots didn’t quite materialise and so I was the recipient of what has been a 14 year love affair with a turquoise blue eyed, warm natured, walk with me everywhere Cat.

I vowed to get her her own Pet P.E.M.F. system. That was in the summer of 2017 and the immediate effects were quite amazing. She started to put on weight, began eating a controlled diet and resumed within 4 weeks her light hearted playful fun with our Bichon Frise dogs. Her coat was even better looking than before she became unwell and today at 18 years old she is the picture of health. Do live long Ellie.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) switch on our microcirculation. So when someone asks could it help this ailment? And that pain? The answer to the question , for Cats, Dogs, Horses and Humans, is “If you bring more Blood, Oxygen and White Blood Cells to that condition, symptom or complaint would it make a difference?”. Research shows that for 284 symptoms of disease the resounding answer is YES! The biggest success is with pain relief because with inflammation comes pain and if you bring more Blood, Oxygen and White Blood Cells to that area the inflammation will decrease and dissolve. The other successes are switching on our sleep patterns, stopping the desire for nicotine, helping those with Diabetes or those who wish to lose weight. This technology is supported by hundreds of published medical articles which can be found on PubMed. In 25 years of helping people get well I have never encountered anything so profound. For those who like to read more send me your email address and I will send you a free digital copy of P.E.M.F The Fifth Element of Health which is full of information on how P.E.M.F. can help us all. That’s it for this edition; I look forward to the next one when we will continue our journey into how you can positively take your own health into your own hands and switch on your memory.

Stephen Watton ProActive Healthcare, Researcher and Writer.