Dr. Kendal Stewart, Chief Medical Officer of NeuroBiologix, is clinically known for treating very complex medical cases. Besides being a caring practitioner, he is a scientist, biochemist and researcher. When he formulates a supplement, it is based on the specific combinations of therapeutic measurements of key nutrients. Many brands in the marketplace will add an ingredient or two to make it sound more impressive, but don't be fooled. A lot of those ingredients are in tiny amounts that do not meet the requirements for researched therapeutic benefit. This is called window dressing and is a cheap way to make a supplement look superior when it is not.

Nutrigenomic testing has allowed NeuroBiologix to create genetically guided supplementation that is more geared towards a person's genetic make up. Physical performance, a healthy immune system, increased brain function, blood sugar control, energy levels are just a few examples. Our nutrigenomic designed supplements are superior in potency, purity, absorption, and are free of artificial ingredients, allergens, and toxins.

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